Bah, humbug.
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Jingle CamHey! Welcome to my on-line igloo!
Come on in but for cripe's sakes, drop those wet mukluks by the door, 'kay? It ain't easy getting mud stains off a polar bear rug, dude!

Anyhoo, this is the web HQ for everything important pertaining to the fat man's daughter, Jingle Belle, AKA me. Here you can check out the sugar-coated winter wonderland of marshmallowy poofy-goodness that is my life (such as it is) here at the North Pole. Sorry I don't sound more enthused, but for all you starry-eyed mutants who think it would be a large charge to visit Santyland, just put yerself in my little black boots for a sec.

You're a teenager and on account of your dad is an immortal holiday icon and your mom's a magical elf queen, you've been a teenager for years. Decades. Centuries! Lemme tell ya, grinding out toys in Big Chief Yellow Lap's sweat shop kinda loses its luster after a couple dozen years, especially as I ain't had my allowance raised since '98. (1898, not 1998!)

Then there's the social scene, or as I call I, El Zilcho. Zip. Nada. Sure there are a couple of elf guys and gals that I hang with, not to mention a tribe of cool Eskimos down the shore, but other than swiping pop's sleigh and going for a joyride now and then, there's nothing to do up here. Even with the satellite dish, the TV reception is pure suck-ola. Shopping's out 'cause there's no mall and the only club is a dingy trading post/bar about forty miles south that serves watered rot-gut to surly Yukon Cornelius types. Blah!

That's why I started this website, to get some contact going with the outside world. Now you can get updates about my appearances in those way-cool Oni comic books, and check out special web cartoons seen here and nowhere else! And don't forget to click on my special live web Jingle-Cam to see what I'm up to right this very second! Fun? You betchum!

Ready to go? Then to paraphrase my old man,
"Now, click away, click away, click away all!"

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