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March 10, 2005
from Paul Dini

Well the big news here in Jingleville is that Misty and I are getting married. Yes, I worked up the nerve, bid a cheery “Adios, muchacho!” to my bachelor life and proposed to the dazzling Miss Lee on February 12th. A brief account of the joyous day follows:

I set the mood by whisking her away to romantic Santa Barbara for the pre-Valentines Day weekend, accompanied only by our two adopted monkey “children” Rashy and SuperRica (long story for another time). After we got the kids some tacos, I took Misty to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, a favorite haunt of mine when I was a kid. I thought about popping the question in the California Mammal Hall, and while the thought of all those glassy-eyed heads bearing silent witness to our love was appealing, I decided to do it in the more private confines of the museum garden. I led Misty to the garden’s beautiful flower-ringed amphitheatre, took out the ring box, got down on one knee, hit the hand holding the ring box on my upraised knee, dropped the ring box, groped for it while mumbling something inarticulate that sounded like the Tasmanian Devil begging for a date, and handed Misty a Necco conversation heart with the words “Marry Me” on it that I had saved for just such an emergency. When she stopped laughing (more out of a nervous “Oh my God, he’s really doing it!” reaction than ridicule, bless her) Misty performed her greatest magic trick ever and turned me into the world’s happiest man by saying “Yes.”

We’ve set the wedding date for the stroke of midnight on Halloween, rather fitting considering the participants involved. That’s really all I have to say about our fast-approaching nuptials right now except that we’re both very, very happy.



Busy! Finishing up on the first season of LOST, starting round two on a movie script, still writing a few comics and if all goes well, possibly premiering a new surprise or two soon in animation. Details about all will be forthcoming, so click back here often throughout the spring and summer.

Jingle Belle’s first Dark Horse mini-series wraps up in April with the finale of the two-part “Ring-A-Ding Jing” storyline. Overall I was very happy with each issue. Jose did a kick-ass job on the art and colors and I was thrilled with the back-up stories by Stephanie Gladden and J. Bone. Take a bow, guys and gal. My deepest thanks and mad hugs to you all. We got some rave reviews from such diverse sources as Variety.com and Comics Buyers Guide, and a lot of good will and positive feedback from folks who just liked seeing Miss J. B. Kringle again.


Looks like I’ve got the big Wizardworld Con LA (in Long Beach, actually) on the horizon, Sunday only, March 20th. I’ll be signing give-away copies of Jingle Belle at the Dark Horse booth from 11:00 to 12:00 noon, so stop by and score yourself some free swag. I’ll also hit the Wizard table from 12:30 to 2:00 that same day. This could be your big chance to ask me in person what’s up with Jack, Kate, Locke, the monster, the polar bears and all that other island weirdness I refuse to talk about on line. I refuse to talk about it there too, but I might sign a comic book if you ask real nice.

This July DC Comics is releasing a hardbound collection of all six Dini/Ross big books. Titled THE WORLD’S GREATEST SUPERHEROES, the majestic, 400 page slipcover-encased tome contains a slew of extras, including new afterwards by the creators, several gatefold spreads (including the rarely-seen complete Justice League action line-up) massive amounts of Alex’s development artwork and an introduction by Chip Kidd. I expect I’ll be signing this whale at the DC booth during the San Diego Comic Con, so check back here close to con time in mid-July for exact times.

Wow, hard to believe its Easter already -- time to stockpile extra boxes of Marshmallow Peeps for the long Peep drought between April and Halloween. Looks like Polly’s got the seasonal spirit though, maybe even two of them. Okay, I’m out of here. See ya all later.


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