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July 9, 2005
from Paul Dini
What, July already? Man, where does the year go! In between working on seven or eight different TV/movie/book projects, planning a wedding and trying to maintain some semblance of a personal life, I have little time to indulge my hobby of posting here on Jing’s site. I have however, taken to writing a more or less regular livejournal blog. Click here and stop by the breakfast table for a visit.

Okay, so what's the news' Well, there's a lot of new Jingle Belle product on the way for holiday '05 release. For starters, the new trade paperback of the critically hailed (Variety.com, Comic Buyers Guide, Ain't It Cool News, etc.) Dark Horse mini-series will be arriving in comic stores and chain bookstores by mid-September. If you enjoyed Jing's first DH mini-series or if you've yet to meet Santa's elfin 'bad seed', you'll definitely want to pick up this collection. Jose Garibaldi is an amazingly funny cartoonist and he really brought his A game to illustrate Jing's adventures.

The cover to the new JB trade paperback, out this fall.

This years all-new Jing one-shot will be released by the Horse in late November, along with their way-cool new JB holiday ornament. Based on Jose's cover design for Jing #1, the fully painted polyresin ornament comes in a snazzy window box and is ready to make your holidays merry and bright for the absurdly low price of 14.99.

Yes, you heard me right, I said 14.99. That's a good six, seven hundred dollars less than those froofy, overrated breathe-on-them-and-you-break-them Christopher Radko Xmas ornaments. And at our ridiculously low, low price of not sixteen, not even fifteen, but FOURTEEN ninety-nine you can buy dozens and slip one to everyone on your Christmukkahwanzaa list. Makes a fine gag gift for the Satanists in your life as well. And at only what's that insanely low price again? Oh yes, it was so wee I almost couldn't see it -- 14.99 each, I don't know how you can afford not to buy it, Scroogie

Last but not least, we've finally got tee shirts on the way. That's right, girls baby tees and regular shirts featuring all your Jingle Belle/Dinicartoons favorites will soon be on sale at this website and at finer clothing stores throughout the LA area. First up are a series of Polly Green tee shirts (just in time for Halloween) with Jing and Ida Red following for Christmas. The shirts are rendered by the awesomely talented Lynne Naylor and they are cute! Here 's a sneak peek at one of the first Polly shirts. It will be available for on line orders in just a few weeks, so check back soon!

Right, enough hard sell. What else? I'm writing a bunch of film scripts and it looks like one will be starting production soon. It's a big fantasy epic and I'll have more to say on that once a director is in place. The JINGLE BELLE flick is still in pre-production and moving forward. Over the LOST spring hiatus I did a couple scripts for Warner Bros. animation including a Supergirl episode for the next season of JLU. I'm still contributing weird ideas to LOST, though I've left the show on a daily basis to concentrate on movie writing. I also have a couple TV animation pilots in the works and am looking at unleashing a new monthly comic book series very soon. It's about as far away from Jing as I can get ? sexy action/adventure with a very harsh, sinister twist.


Well, soon to be missus. You've read about her, you've heard me rave and gush, now here she is in almost person, the dazzling Miss Misty Lee! What can I tell you? I was the last guy in the world who thought I could be this blissful. Misty is smart, funny, beautiful, warm, talented and in every way my greatest dream come true. When I close my eyes and picture my happiest thought, she is what I see. She's my favorite.

Here's my girl, makin' all sorts of magic.

Enjoying Life With the Missus

Us on vacation last month in Yellowstone

““I wonder what this boiling hot water spring feels like? Hmmmm....”
Me, snapped by Misty, about to charge after a wolf for a better picture. Not one of my better ideas.

Our boys, Rashy and SuperRica, doing the town in Las Vegas. Yes, we have two sock monkey 'kids' and we take them everywhere. Upper left, the little bow ties are a nice touch, don't you think?

Da boys again upper right, this time with their hot showgirl date. I like seeing them having fun and all, but it strikes me as uncomfortably close to the time Rashy went on a bender and wound up briefly married to Paris Hilton. No, seriously. He was.
See? Oh that Rashy!




Iíll be back in San Diego again this July 14 thru 17, but on no particular schedule. Seems like I spent all of last yearís convention running from guys like this:

Dini meets a certain well-known comic book fan as rendered by Bongoís Bill Morrison

So this time I'm keeping a relatively low profile. I will be doing a Jingle Belle signing at the Dark Horse booth Thursday from 4PM to 5PM. Stop by, say hello to me and my gorgeous fiancée Misty and get your Jingle Belle or Mutant, Texas books signed. Iím also doing a MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE DVD signing with Bruce Timm (11 AM to 12 PM Friday at the Tower Records booth) but after that I have no set appearance plans. Iíll sign copies of THE WORLDíS GREATEST SUPERHEROES (the collected Dini/Ross books, finally in one big package) at the DC table if the book is out by then. But as both July 6th and August 24th have been given as release dates, who knows if it will make it in time? I will probably hit the big LOST panel on Saturday morning, The Kevin Smith panel later that day and even later Saturday drop in at Mark Evanier's Quickdraw extravaganza (everyone should see Quickdraw --- best panel at the show) so say howdy if you see me any of those places. Other than that, I'm basically just there to see friends and enjoy the show with Misty.

* * *

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