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Dec. 14, 2000

Hello and welcome to Deanspeak, the newest feature here at JingleBelle.com. For a while fans have been asking me to put a bit more of myself on the site, so here it is. A periodic (weekly or so) update of my life and adventures, such as they are. It also gives me a forum to announce new projects in the works and speak out on subjects that either amuse me or annoy me, or possibly both. If you have specific questions, I’ll try to answer them, such as if my last name is spelled Dini, why the Dean spelling at the top of the column? Well, my name is pronounced Dean-ie, not Dinny, and if I made the title Dinspeak, that would just add to the pronunciation confusion. Besides, a lot of people call me Dean anyway, so there you go. Isn’t that enlightening? I knew you’d think so. Now if you’re all still awake, let’s proceed.

So what’s going on? Not much. Mainly getting ready for the holidays. A word of advice, always wear gardening gloves when putting together an aluminum tree -- those tinsel branches will cut your fingers into sashimi. In other Xmas x-citement, my usual overblown Christmas party is in the offing. I have a reputation for holding seasonal bacchanals that would make the Ghost of Christmas Present bow his head in shame, and this year is no exception. I swore last year I would just have three couples over the night before Christmas for cookies and hot rum drinks. Of course by now the party has swollen to include not only everyone I know, but pretty much everyone who has ever seen a Paul Dini cartoon. Joy. Next year the cookie thing for sure. Yeah, right.

Holidays aside, I’m finishing up a slew of comic book projects and starting work on a bunch of others. My first Zatanna one-shot, “Everyday Magic” with art by Rick Mays, is done and due out in March. My Vertigo editor liked it a lot, so it looks like I’ll be starting another one right away. The big JLA Alex Ross project for next year is in full swing and I’m scripting that even as we speak. More comic book adventures of Jing, Ida and probably Polly on the horizon, but it’s too soon to announce anything yet. In the meantime, be sure and check out the three new Jingle Belle Sunday strips running this month at the Oni Press website. Steve Rolston is handling the art and he makes Jing look so cute.

In Cartoonland, I just finished the script for a Justice League Christmas episode that will air next year. It was fun working with Bruce Timm, Rich Fogel and the JL gang again. New episodes of Static Shock will start running on KidsWB in January, and though I can’t swear to it, I think the first one they are airing is the one I wrote. Static travels to Gotham and meets up with some old friends of mine, which is as much as I’ll say about that right now. Duck Dodgers is speeding along and I’ve been having a great time with that show. The most fun I’ve had writing animation since the first season of Batman. I’ll be giving more updates from the 24th and a half-century once we’re a little further into production.

That’s it for this first edition. Check back in a few to learn more insights, hear more mad ramblings and find out if I survived this year’s party or not.


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